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We specialise in professional high functioning marketing solutions, inclusive of websites, social media, SEO and design. 




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Available for tour 2020


We are now based in USA & Australia and are best placed to assist you in all aspects of the industry logistics to gain traction and profile in this iconic market. 

>   managing USA touring

>   local event logistics

​>   instrument transfer

​>   promotional courier/distro

​>   industry proxy   

​>   USA networking for you​


A boutique management agency, KMBartists is dedicated to ethical engagements and representation, specialising in;​

>   artist management

>   bookings enquiries

​>   brand development

​>   design and promotions

​>   marketing & media   

​>   tour management

Bespoke Itineraries
for artists & industry.

KMBartists | Cultural links for artists & industry who wish to enhance their travel experience internationally, we work to be non-invasive to your touring schedule while providing memorable experiences unlike any other. 
Meet the past and current roster. Offering a broad spectrum of talent for the market, we represent a range of musical styles  and tastes. Our artists are available for touring, festivals and collaboration. They each have a solid track record in their region and extensive touring histories. We only work with the best. 

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