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Join Sam Cook from the KMBA Creative Agency for Grant writing FUNdamentals, a hands-on workshop series designed to facilitate the steps toward becoming a successful grant recipient. 


About me: I have single-handedly raised over 15million dollars in my career, through various platforms. My sessions will impart practical knowledge and lived experience. 

Expectation: An interactive program, you will be required to identify a project for your company or yourself to use as the basis for your participation in the sessions. Over the course of seven weeks (4 sessions 1.3hrs, 3 weeks in between to prepare your submissions), you will work on your proposals with the view to actual submission.


Week One - Overview FUNdamentals of Grant writing

Homework week - research your grant

Week Two - Translating your idea into the grant story

Homework week - write your grant

Week Three - The budget story, making it add up

Homework week - write your budget

Week Four - Ready, Steady, Submit.



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