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Staff of KMBArtists have 20 years in artist management covering music, theatre, cultural performances and speaker tours. As such, they offer a high standard of artist services to ensure any aspect they touch is successfully completed. This in turn assures that the artists and events receive the best possible experience and importantly the audiences are left with a positive artist connect.


A strength of KMBArtists is in artist touring. This knowledge and experience covers music, theatre, cultural performances and speaker tours. Passports, visas, transfers, flights, accomodation, meals, rehearsals, sound check, media calls, meetings, lost luggage, freight, interpreters, documentation, communications, promotional events and most importantly on stage, we can take care of the lot and get your act 'round the world or around the corner on time and stress-free.


From your website, to your album cover, logo, flier or banner, photography and press kits KMBArtists can take your concept up to professional industry level. We are specialists in artist merchandise, brand development and marketing, providing you with a suite of products and services that can best sell your work.

Performance Analysis
Artist Management

A good artist manager creates the capacity for the artists to do what they do best, continue to develop new material, be inspired and hone their craft. The last thing on many artists minds is to want to wade through endless paperwork, make countless phone calls and follow up on invoices and liaise between booking agents, venues, festivals, ticketing agents, media and the rest. We take the business side of your business very seriously and as such work with a bespoke stable of artists that we feel we can take places. ​


Every successful artist understands there is a lot of work that goes in to the development and positioning of their act within the industry. So whether it be understanding yourself as a business, being led through media training, stylist recommendations to staging and blocking of your pubic performance, we can lead the way in order to get you to where you are going.

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