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cultural itineraries for industry professionals.

The BLAK STAR LINE is a discreet offering for inbound entertainers and industry professionals travelling to Australia, who wish to have a level of engagement with Australia's First peoples.


Elective itineraries can be customised to provide seamless integration with any tour, ensuring no disruption to the contractual obligation.  

The BLAK STAR LINE works directly with Aboriginal entertainment industry professionals, who possess a vast network of contacts in remote, rural and urban areas across the country. 

Itineraries can include:


  • Meet and Greet with key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

  • Shopping tours or arrangement of private art buying direct from artisans and art centres. 

  • Short tours in all Capital cities to get to know the local history.

  • Day trips on country.

  • Artistic collaborations.

  • Bigger engagement itineraries that are immersive experiences to some of the most remote and breathtaking destinations.


Ebooks and companion resources can be accessed on demand, proving information about key destinations such as the Traditional Name of the area toured (for example Brisbane's actual name is Meanjin, Perth is Boorloo, Adelaide is Tandarnya).


Most significantly, the Blak Star Line pays homage to the power of unity and aims to re-awaken cultural ties which build on the legacy of Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, The Jacksons and Harry Belafonte to name but a few - and their connection to Aboriginal Australia.


In doing so we consciously contribute to the knowledge movements and create mutual touch points between artists and Indigenous communities that often do not occur unless brokered. 


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