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I definitely don't want to be recognised in Australia's constitution as it is currently proposed. Not without Sovereignty, Treaty and Reparations on the table and a recognition of the legal historical documents that Australia illegally ignored including but not limited to; Secret Instructions to Lieutenant Cook 30 July 1768 (UK) The Doctrine of Discovery The 1875 legislation is the Pacific Islanders Act*, Article 7 and in Western Australia specific Section 70, Constitution Act 1889

and while we are at it - stolen wages, forcible removal of Aboriginal communities in WA and SA, specific clauses relating to ATSI in the Anti-Terrorism act, Depro-provera sterilisation of Aboriginal women, Confirmations of Aboriginality, Compensation for the Aboriginal workers who were forced to use Agent Orange in their employment...and an ever growing list of human right violations and ills under the guise of "Closing the Gap".

Until there is restitution, until there is recognition...not in the constitution, but in Law, legislation and the economic restitution....there will be nothing more than token gestures, assimilation tactics, human rights abuses and hollow promises.

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