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Notes to the 23rd Century

On the 1st January 2015 I hereby launch my entry into the bloggdom with "Notes to the 23rd Century". This title makes perfect sense to me as I am an "Ancestor-in-Training" and have in place a 200 year plan (will unpack this further in a future blog). But know it informs my thinking and is a world view, keeping me committed to a positive and prosperous future for Nyikina and Aboriginal Australian cultures to stand on solid ground. Like all 'births', this is where it begins, as a snapshot, frozen in time. I'll have you know this was taken moments before I put my hand into a fist and raised it in the air to let you know I'd arrived - another Nyikina warrior born (either that or I'd had wind)(O_~). So grab a gubbardee, sit down and be stimulated, challenged, provoked, inspired, confronted, annoyed, uplifted and an array of other emotions...and enjoy!


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